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​Optimize Your Profitability and Soil Health With Management System

About us enables ranchers everywhere to make informed decisions about when to take actions based on real-time data to increase profitability, reduce costs, and support carbon credit claims.

The Problems We're Solving


Ranchers face a major challenge in achieving and maintaining the health of their animals and soil without real-time knowledge of pasture quality and trends. 

Without animal intelligence providing real time information, it is difficult to optimize the herd's health and maximize its productivity


As consumers become more concerned about the source of their food, ranchers are facing a challenge to provide transparent information about the entire lifecycle of their livestock, from birth to the point of sale.

This demand for "from birth to box" transparency and data provenance requires animal intelligence technologies to ensure  trusted traceability.


Grazing lands worldwide (the largest use of land globally) face severe degradation and depletion due to several factors, including climate change, land-use change, and overgrazing.

This situation threatens the sustainability of these valuable resources, which provide vital ecosystem services and support the livelihoods of over 1 Billion people globally.

Our Technology

Using a solar-powered collar that collects and transmits the cow's daily activity iHerd's AI engine utilizes real-time data to provide ranchers with proprietary insights on herd and soil health.

The technology was developed and tested over a 5-year period on two herds in Ramat HaGolan, Israel, and proved to be an effective solution to the problems facing ranchers globally. The results were increased yields, meaningful cost reductions, and improved soil health. 


Now, with iHerd's technology becoming available, ranchers can make informed decisions about when to take action based on forage quality and animal behavior with bottom-line results.

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Meet The Team
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Dr. Arnon Gat


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Ph.D. EE Stanford University

35 years entrepreneurial management.

Startup to IPO on NASDAQ.


Nadav Neeman


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Financial executive highly experienced in managing mid to large scale companies in turn around and growth situations.

Dr Arieh.png

Dr. Arieh Brosch


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Ph.D. Animal Physiology

25 years researcher, 15 years managing beef cattle department at Volcani Institute (ARO).


Nissim Machlev


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25 years in product development in communication, medical devices and more.


Michael Wright

Lead Director/CMO

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35 years experienced C-suite high technology executive and strategist at scale, from startup to large-cap.

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